Meet Kate

I’m Kate Bredbenner, PhD and I run SimpleBiologist. I’ve been translating newly published research papers into fun videos since 2016. 


I’ve always wanted to entertain people and share fun facts about the molecular world. While I was completing my PhD in Biophysical Chemistry, I realized just how hard it is to access and read new research papers, even when you have scientific training.


That realization kickstarted SimpleBiologist.


I started on YouTube but have moved to TikTok and Instagram for the last few years to build an audience that I can engage with more personally. I love forming a community that talks to each other.

SimpleBiologist Standards

Science-First Approach

I'm a molecular biologist by training. My videos are meant to entertain, but the science always comes first. The science may be simplified, but it's always accurate.

No Background Info Required

You don't need advanced knowledge to enjoy SimpleBiologist videos. As long as you generally know what cells and DNA are, these videos are for you.

Made for Adults, good for Children

SimpleBiologist videos are aimed at adults without science careers, but none of the language used is inappropriate for children.

Questions Encouraged

These videos are meant to inspire curiosity. Questions and conversations in the comments are encouraged!


I make videos because research is for everyone and it should be accessible to everyone. Also, I’m obsessed with the molecular world all around us, and I want to make that world come to life for people.

Yes! I have a BS in Molecular Genetics and a PhD in Biophysical Chemistry.


I also have science writing and improv training and a BA in Philosophy which help me communicate better. I have written a thesis, a controversial op-ed in Science, and three first-author papers one of which was published in Cell.

I have a bunch of journals, universities, and researchers I follow plus other newsletters and aggregators. But in the end, I choose papers that I think are cool.

There are so many papers I would love to cover, but I make all my videos by myself. And, for financial stability, I have a day job. I also have family, friends, and hobbies to spend time on. If I can eventually make this series my full-time job and make more videos, I would love that.


If you want to support this series, you can join the SimpleBiologist Patreon for $1-10 a month and get a fun monthly newsletter of stuff I was curious about but didn’t end up turning into a video.

SimpleBiologist runs on donations

Receiving donations allows me to share my videos without having ads, doing paid sponsorships for products, or having to stop making these videos altogether.


If you like this series, consider joining the SimpleBiologist Patreon for $1-10 per month. Patrons get a fun monthly newsletter of stuff I was curious about but didn’t end up turning into a video.

Let's collaborate!

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